” Parade Season ” list


Part. 1

Free writing list of thoughts when I think about the “Parade Season”  Series:

  1. Over exaggeration —————-of the self  & all
  2. Loss of control
  3. Senses
  4. Feelings
  5. Relationships between people and their conflicting manners and emotions
  6. Anthropology, finding paths
  7. Constructing visual maps
  8. Using these constructed new identities, stories, myths, relationships to understand my current position and consciousness
  9. Struggling with ideas of appropriation and authorship
  10. Others
  11. Pattern
  12. Fascination of the native, of the other
  13. Dreams
  14. Self-therapy
  15. Regurgitation of over stimulation
  16. Nostalgia
  17. Exploration and fulfillment
  18. Fresh imagery, new glasses for everyone
  19. Celebration
  20. Fetish

Part 2.


  1. Combination of what I find interesting in imagery
  2. Reconstruction of nostalgic imagery and future fantasies
  3. Understanding the difference in character development in 2D vs. 3D and 3Dlive
  4. Have fun
  5. Explore human movement and act on my love and admiration of dance and the moving human form
  6. Shapes
  7. Rhythms, chants, truth, trust, exotic
  8. Mystical, magical, and marvelous
  9. Performance vs. Experimental video
  10. Space needs, environment and how a characters environment help defines them

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