Amazing Chicago Artists

I’ve come to know some talented, wonderful people and let  me tell you are they wild and creative! One of these artists is just blowing my mind. Mr. G Vincent Gaulin, a charming, smart young man who has created this game called Boom Ball a.k.a Ball Snatchers and this is what he writes about it:

“Boom Ball, a.k.a. “Ball Snatchers” is an original game created by G. Vincent Gaulin. Drawing influence from boxing, football, tennis, fitness training, and other artists’ games, the new activity is intended as a spectator sport. Two players fight ultimately to steal or “snatch” their opponent’s ball, which hangs from a 6′ PVC boom attached to players’ backs by a steel backpack like frame. The game is organized into 30 sec. rounds called “tiffs” and scored through a system of points called “liefs.” Points are undesirable as 5 liefs constitutes a “full house” and exposes players to a kind of match point situation where their ball has the potential to be officially snatched, or loosed from its harness. Liefs are charged through penalties (high balls, low balls, boom out of bounds, personal foul, etc.) and “grabs,” the initial offensive element where a contender holds the opponent’s ball for 5 seconds. Within the 15′ X 10′ court, fighters in initial rounds struggle for grabs while minimizing their own penalties hoping to create an advantage before moving into final rounds. In final tiffs contenders who have charged their opponent with a full house play to complete the object of the game–actually snatching the opponent’s ball from its harness. Tiffs are unlimited and matches generally last 30-45 minutes”

I have never played this game but boy do I want to try!

Click here to visit his youtube account


One response

  1. its a crazy game but it looks like fun

    January 28, 2010 at 6:12 pm

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